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As I am no longer actively maintaining this blog, please direct your bookmarks to Baan Jochim Phuket. This is an alternate blog I created in late May when the government of Thailand was blocking the entire Blogspot domain.

Initially, I used the Wordpress-hosted blog to reprint interesting news items concerning Thailand or Southeast Asia in general with occasional entries relating to Thai history, culture, and holidays. But lately it has developed into a complete replacement for Goodnight Phuket.

Of course all of my previous entries here will remain available in the Archives. And, should there be another sweeping blockage of Wordpress that lasts more than a couple of days, I will post here once again (currently, my ISP -- TOT -- tries to blog the domain but it's haphazard at best).

I hope to see most of you over at Baan Jochim Phuket.
Baan Jochim Phuket