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Ever since my website host was bought out by another company last year, I've experienced intermittent problems.  Most of these problems have involved billing; I changed my credit card details with the hosting company after my old card expired at the end of last year.  Yet each month since then they've attempted to bill the old card and the site gets shut down for a couple of days until I resend the newer card info.  They still send billing and change-of-service notices to my AT&T e-mail address although I've sent customer service the domain email address (that THEY provided in the first place) repeatedly over the past year.

Well, the latest is that I just received an email that my domain is due to expire in five days along with a link to renew the domain.  Yet, clicking on the link brings the error notice "The domain zone is not supported by vendor."  When I visited the log-in page for my website's control panel, I received the message "Invalid Domain, IP address or password" after entering the same log-in information I've been using since the beginning of the site.  And this comes after they sent an email a few months ago announcing site upgrades, along with an increase in fees from $9.95 to $19.95 per month.

I'm fed up with the whole thing.  I really haven't had time to make any updates to the site in several months and it had become rather cluttered.  So I think I'm just going to let fade into the past.  Perhaps I'll bring it back sometime in the future in a better-organized form — at least I have most of the pages backed-up.  Plus, I'll be saving around 800 baht per month and at this point that's more important than having my own domain.  Now, to start writing all those change-of-email-address notices...

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Ellen Kozisek กล่าวว่า...

I guess this means no more Rainmakers archives? Too bad. Though understandable.