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Thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, your readers have no way of knowing what you’re wearing as you write. The tone and content of your writing, however, affects the reader’s perception of you just as much as your clothing would if they met you face to face. So what is your writing saying about you? If I read your blog, would I envision you in a suit & tie, khakis, or pajamas?

Suit & Tie Bloggers

Suit & tie bloggers are out to impress. Plugged in to the information that matters, they are the expert voices of their niche. They give their readers the facts, news, and developments that really matter. Their writing is formal and succinct, free of bias and absolutely packed with useful information. These bloggers usually have another full time job, and they share professional experiences coming from their field. Guy Kawasaki is an example.

Khaki Bloggers

Khaki bloggers straddle the middle ground between expertise and personality. They showcase facts and opinions, giving their readers a unique but informed perspective of their niche. Their writing has the feel of a newspaper columnist, inviting discussion and educating at the same time. Unlike suit & tie bloggers, they aren’t afraid to ask questions. This balanced approach allows khaki bloggers to attract a more diverse audience than their professional and casual analogues. Brian Clark is an example.

Pajama Bloggers

Pajama bloggers project personality through their writing. They tell stories, engage their readers, and share their feelings. Their writing may play hard and fast with the rules of good grammar at times, but it flows in a very natural way. Readers can relate to pajama bloggers, so they feel more at ease to communicate. Thus, pajama blogs enjoy a higher degree of interaction than their more professional cousins. John Chow is an example.

So, which kind of blogger are you?