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While doing some research for yet another project,  I stumbled across -- "A sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music,  books,  film,  popular culture,  technology,  and politics."

After just a few minutes of browsing,  I've found a few interesting articles,  such as "Everything In A Download,  But At What Cost?"  (about the collecting of live/rare music through downloads),  "Album Covers As An Art Form", and an interesting interview with Emmylou Harris.

This one's going in my bookmark folder for further browsing and reading.  And this brings up a recent trend:  I've found that I don't read a whole lot of articles on the computer screen even though I find all sorts of things online that I'd like to read.  I usually end up printing the articles,  putting them in a looseleaf notebook,  and then reading them away from the computer.  As a result,  I have a whole bookcase of these notebooks -- some read,  others remain unread.  It's a curse:  I never have enough time to read everything or write everything I would like.