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In a rare case of my simply recommending an article rather than transcribing it,  I want to mention that the latest  (March 2005)  issue of National Geographic Adventure includes a lengthy article about New Mexico's Chaco Canyon.

The article provides a nice background and overview of the ruins and focuses on a theory that three prehistoric centers of civilization -- Aztec  (near Farmington in northern New Mexico,  which I've passed on the highway but never stopped at),  Chaco,  and Paquimé  (in northern Mexico) -- were all built by the same people.  Several nice photos  (this is National Geographic,  after all)  accompany the article.  Their website includes a short excerpt,  but I recommend seeking out the entire article.

It's nice to see that at least one major outdoors magazine recognizes there's more to our state than the Taos Ski Valley or shopping on Santa Fe's Plaza!