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Next month's West Coast mini-tour by Marillion's acoustic trio is shaping up rather nicely.

Prior to leaving England, the two Steves and Pete will perform a warm-up for fans at The Zodiac in Oxford, with Matt Mitchell opening.  Tickets are now on sale directly through Racket Records.

The U.S. shows begin in Solana Beach, just north of San Diego, on September 6.  I listed the entire schedule in a previous post so I won't repeat that here. &nbso;Jason Hart will be the opening act at these gigs (no, not the Sacramento Kings new point guard).

The band has also scheduled in-store acoustic sets and signing sessions in five of the stops along the way (two of the six concerts are in the L.A. area so one in-store will serve two gigs).  These are wonderful opportunities for even more up-close-and-personal interaction with one of the most fan-oriented and approachable group of guys in the music business.

The record store appearances are as follow:

Sep.  6:  La Jolla, CA — Tower Records, 18657 Villa La Jolla Drive (1:00pm)
Sep.  8:  West Hollywood, CA — Tower Records, 8801 Sunset Boulevard (6:00pm)
Sep. 11:  San Francisco, CA — Tower Records, Columbus & Ray (1:00pm)
Sep. 13:  Portland, OR — Music Millennium, 801 N.W. 23rd Street (6:00pm)
Sep. 15:  Seattle, WA — Tower Records, 701 5th Avenue North (6:00)

In addition, it is hoped to arrange a few radio station appearances as well.

Stay tuned...