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In my last post, I mentioned shirts I designed for the upcoming Los Trios Marillos West Coast shows.  (Since the band WILL NOT be bringing any merchandise over from England, t-shirts included, these will probably be the only acoustic tour shirts you may see...)

The first two are the front and back, respectively, of a general tour shirt (click on the image for a larger view):

This one looks really great, by the way, as a hooded sweatshirt!

The second pair is the "expedition" design for Mike ("Bozeman Barry") and myself ("Albuquerque Anorak").  Obviously, Mike's will have his "Barry" character on the front (this is a small, over-the-pocket, design) holding the Montana state flag; the first image is mine holding the city of Albuquerque flag (slightly more interesting than the New Mexico state flag).  They WON'T have our names under the image as this one does (when I uploaded it to the server, the transparent background became a sickly green so I chopped it off the final design).

On this second shirt, I really struggled with the text on the back.  I had all sorts of cornball things like "The Amazing Adventures Of Albuquerque Anorak & Bozeman Barry On Tour With...", etc.  From the start, I'd wanted a Lewis & Clark theme since the Pacific Northwest is currently honoring the bicentennial of the Corps Of Discovery.  (I tried to make a design featuring the Barry characters as Lewis and Clark, complete with coonskin cap with one standing in a canoe.  It looked terrible...)  Then I hit upon the map idea and got flags for the Barrys to hold (marking Mike and my hometowns).  In the end, "The Great West Coast Expedition" was the best text I could come up with (maintaining a tenuous link with Lewis & Clark).

Oh, well.  This is just for a bit of a laugh anyway; something that hopefully the band will find amusing when two "crazy American blokes" show up wearing them!   And I think they look better than some of the shirts certain groups of fans wear at the annual conventions...It will be interesting to gauge reactions at the rapidly approaching gigs!