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I'm attaching a couple of forecast banners to this entry so I can easily track the weather for my travels on Saturday.

I'm a bit worried about the tight connection in Cincinnati; if my plane from Albuquerque (the only one that day) arrives on time, I just have an hour to catch the one to London (the last flight of the day) if it's on schedule.  According to their website, the Cincinnati airport is supposedly one of the "easiest airports to navigate thanks to its modern design and lack of congestion.  This is why Delta can scheduled shorter connect times here than at other airports.  Under normal circumstances, 20 to 30 minutes is more than adequate time to connect between flights."  Still, I'd rather get there much earlier and have time to explore and relax before having to board my next flight — especially during the winter storm season.  The forecast for Saturday calls for snow.  (Coming home, I'll have a 4-hour layover at CVG, plenty of time to find one of those famous flying pig lapel pins...)

The forecast looks a little better for London during my few days there; highs in the mid-40's (about what it's been here in Albuquerque this week).  And I'm actually disappointed at that as I was looking forward to taking photos of certain historic sites covered in snow!  Oh, well.  At least I won't freeze while I'm sightseeing — I'm planning to check out some of the lesser-known attractions in the City.  The 93% humidity and overcast reading on tonight's forecast makes me think it must be foggy; I certainly hope that's the weather I get next Tuesday night for my "Jack The Ripper Walk" through Whitechapel so we can get the proper "atmosphere".