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It's 6:30 in the morning here in London and I just returned to my hotel room from the end-of-tour Marillion concert and after-shows "festivities"! Thus, this will be a very brief update before I attempt to sleep for a few hours.

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at the RAF Museum. It was excellent, but not quite as good as the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

After a brief return to the hotel in order to change clothes, I headed out to Kentish Town and The Forum. My experiences at the soundcheck, concert, aftershow party, and post-aftershow birthday celebration will have to be written about in a future entry - when I've returned home and can type faster on a "real" keyboard!

I must mention quickly that the night (and wee hours of this morning) were made even more special because of the lovely Daniela of the Czech Republic, whom I met at the soundcheck and became fast friends with. It was because of her that we got invited back to Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery's hotel where we had beers in the lobby and talked until dawn. After Rothers had had several Coronas, he told many of the secret band stories such as the real reason Fish left the band in 1988 and he even played is a few new tracks being considered for the next Marillion album (due out sometime next year if the recording sessions go well).

Tonight, instead of my planned Jack The Ripper Walk, I'm having dinner with Daniela. She invited me for dinner and drinks (10 or so, she said!) when we shared a taxi back to our respective hotels. Plus, I have a standing offer of a personal guide if (when, she said) I visit Prague.

Like I wrote previously, it will take a VERY long future blog entry to try and describe all the hightlights in a day and night full of them! Look for that entry sometime next week...

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