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While checking out several lists of Thailand-based blogs this morning, I stumbled across Don Gilliland's Bangkok Dazed.  Don owns the popular Dasa Book Cafe, the capital's "funkiest used bookshop."  Perusing the entries this afternoon, it seems that he has similar interests to mine in music and authors, as well as offering many interesting observations about life in Bangkok.  (And, possibly even more important, I discovered that my favorite mystery writer, Lawrence Block, has a new novel out this month that I'll just have to order now...)

I'm also somewhat inspired now to add a new section to my blog's sidebar area listing some of my other favorites (a "blogroll", I believe it's called in blogger parlance).  We'll see if I can actually get that done since today is shaping up to be a beautiful Sunday morning with no sign of a raincloud in the sky (yet)...