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Tim returned earlier this morning (after a much-longer-than-expected bus journey down from Bangkok; it arrived in Phuket over three hours late!).  Baby and mom are doing fine after both were a little sick most of the week — the baby is very small and developed a fever.  Miao should be able to leave the hospital in another day or so.

Anyway, Tim had the honor of giving the baby's nickname.  She chose Noo-dang, which means "little mouse."  This is nice since her daughter's nickname is Miao (pronounced fairly close to "meaow"), meaning "kitty cat."  In the Thai-Buddhist culture, if the child survives it's first thirty days then it is given it's "real"/official name by a monk who consults a naming book (which I imagine is similar to the books parents use in the West to decide on a good name).

Tim bought a camera while in Bang Pa-In and took several photos of our new granddaughter.  As soon as we get the film developed (today?), I'll scan the photos into the computer and upload a few (wow, I'm REALLY far behind on uploading other photos but I'll put these at the top of the queue).  I've already seen a couple that Tim shot with the camera on her phone and Noo-dang is very cute. (Tim also recorded about a minute or so of the baby crying; I told her that would be something good to play in the morning in order to wake me up!).