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I just found a Google Earth aerial view of the Chalong Bay area on another blog.  (I can't currently get Google Earth to work properly on my computer because of the slow dial-up connection.)  Since I've been promising on occasion to provide some maps here, I decided to identify a few locations so I can show some of the places close to where we live.  Our village (moo 10) is just to the north of the image, but it does show how close we are to the Chalong Circle (a five-pronged intersection), the long tourist pier, police station, post office,etc.

Here's another map I made sometime ago so I'd have something to show tuk-tuk drivers if I never needed one to take me back home (it's in Thai; I thought that I'd need something to show in case I went shopping without Tim and couldn't quite explain how to get here — saying "two 7-Elevens past Wat Chalong" would have gotten the job done but, in the end, Tim and I are always together so I have no need for the map).