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My problems with getting an ADSL hookup through TOT have been well-documented in this blog.  We'd started the process (and paid the deposit and other fees) back in March and most recently had been told to wait another three months after paying (twice) for a modem.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when my wife called me at work to ask for my computer password so that TOT could set up the broadband connection!  I'd all but given up on them showing up at our house without another round of phone calls.  After work, I expected to be told there had been some unforeseen problem and they couldn't get us connected.  Dtim said that I was supposed to wait for 24 hours for them to "turn on Internet."  Lo and behold, it's working tonight!

I did a test of my online speed this morning using my new favorite broadband site,, pinging a server in Bangkok:

Compare those results with the test I did just a few moments ago:

Quite a difference on the download speeds!  For some reason, I had a faster upload speed on the dial-up connection.  I also don't understand the "distance" readings as Bangkok is actually a little under 500 miles from Phuket.

I probably won't have time to enjoy the faster connection (i.e., searching around for movies or music to download via BitTorrent) until Sunday, however.  I'm too tired tonight (it was a long week preparing for the start of classes on Monday) and tomorrow we're attending a mesquite BBQ party sponsored by