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Sometimes my son surprises us with a completely unexpected act of selflessness or kindness.  Tonight, we'd returned from our dinner near Nai Harn Lake driving through the rain for thirty minutes or so.  I was removing my rain poncho when I commented that I wished I'd remembered that I was out of soda while we were out.  Alex suddenly said, "I buy for you papa," and jumped on his bicycle.  I tucked 60 baht into his hand and asked him to buy me three cans and to use the change to buy himself something.  I was so surprised that Alex offered to ride up to the corner market that I didn't heed my wife's protests.  Of course, I watched from the side of the road while Alex peddled up the soi and disappeared around a bend in the road.  Dtim was just firing up the motorbike when Alex came back into view carrying a bag of Cokes and Sprite.  He even gave me 15 baht in change while saying, "I don't need something papa."  He's truly becoming a joy to have around and he really is beginning to make an effort at trying to please me.  He's becoming my little buddy and my wife tells me that he constantly tells her how much he loves his "new papa."