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Better late than never!  Traditionally, the monsoon season in New Mexico begins on or around July 7th.  With the late night thunderstorms last night and earlier this evening, I think the rains have finally begun along with a bit higher humidity and relatively cooler temperatures (95 degrees rather than 100).

Of course, with these storms comes the danger of lightning.  Last week, we saw a lot of dry lightning throughout the state sparking various wildfires including three or four major ones in and around Albuquerque.  During one afternoon, there were large fires raging in Corrales (a beautiful Hispanic community on the west side of the Rio Grande in the North Valley), on the north portion of Kirtland Air Force Base, and in the Manzano Mountains just southeast of the city.  All were quickly contained and didn't consume too much acreage.  But it's just a matter of time before another monster, uncontrollable, wildfire erupts somewhere in the state.  We've been fairly far.

The monsoons, as pleasant as the rain can seem, won't last for long — and they probably won't moisten the ground enough to lessen the fire danger.  Come mid-August, we'll be right back into the high temperatures and cloudless skies (at least until the 10 days of the State Fair when it always seems to rain!).

I'm going to enjoy it while I can (I love having my patio door open during the storms to hear the thunder and heavy rain and to breathe in that distinctive smell they bring).