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My brandnew broadband from Singapore was installed late last week but thus far it doesn't live up to expectations.  First of all, it took the IT techs two days to put in the line (a shared connection with the adjacent house) which is just a long cable running (exposed) from the far corner of my living room to the master bedroom (there's only one phone jack in the entire house.  They then had to set up my port at the local telephone exchange and gave me a temporary port and modem so I could access the Internet overnight.  That was awesome as I had a download speed of more than 300 Mbps (quite a shock when I was used to 45 kb/s); I happily downloaded all sorts of great new music that night and would have obtained more if my hard drive hadn't have filled up.  They returned the next day and gave me a different modem and ran an even longer cable around the floor; this didn't work at all — I told the techs as they were leaving for lunch that I had NO connectivity and they said they would return later.  They didn't and it took a couple of days for our landlord to get their office on the phone.  Different techs came out with a different modem and strung the cable along the curtain holders atop the front sliding glass doors.  I ran a broadband speed test and it was still fairly slow (270 kb/s download — definitely NOT what I'm going to pay for).  I also asked for a username so I could forward ports in the router's firewall for downloading via BitTorrent.  Not only did he not give me a username/password but he changed the default password so I couldn't get in at all.  Thus, my BT downloads are firewalled and the speeds aren't much faster than dialup.  I'll try calling the office again tomorrow to see if I can get someone on the phone who understands that this is the reason I need a fast connection and who will at the least open up a port for me even if they don't give me that type of access.  Afterall, why have such a service if you can't adjust settings yourself if something needs fixing?