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One of my favorite performers, Eric Clapton, is performing at Bangkok's Impact Arena on January 15.  Although I'd been listening to his songs on the radio for quite some time before, the first album of his I purchased new was the LP of 1985's Behind The Sun, produced by Phil Collins (I was a BIG Genesis fan at the time).  It wasn't until April 1990 that I first got to see Clapton in concert (up in Ames, Iowa).  A few months after that, I attended his show in Kansas City — his first gig following the tragic death of Stevie Ray Vaughan just a couple of days before (making for a very somber show).  I've only been able to see him perform three times since (St. Louis in 1992 and Phoenix in 1994 and 1998) but have accumulated dozens of live recordings of all phases of his career (beginning with Yardbirds and John Mayall shows from the early 1960s up through a Royal Albert Hall show from this past May).

Thus, it will be a huge treat to be able to see him play here in Thailand.  We've secured four excellent seats (on the floor about 30 rows back, right on the center aisle).  At this point, Doug and Ben will probably go with Tim and I.  I'm looking forward to introducing my wife to the music of "Slowhand"; I played her disc one of the May London show today and she really seemed to enjoy it...