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It's amazing how little free time I have these days.  I'm at the school from eight in the morning until close to four in the afternoon each weekday while my evenings are taken up preparing for the next day's lessons.  I've been teaching the Primary 5 classes since last Friday as they asked me if I could replace the regular teacher.  It's been quite a challenge but I've had some really satisfying lessons, ones where I could see the lightbulb going off in the student's brains as comprehension set in.  It being the second summer course we only have three lessons each day — English, Math, and Science — and then we have other activities in the afternoon (i.e., yesterday I assisted in the Science Lab).  Math and Science were never my strong subjects in school so I've been struggling coming up with lessons I could actually teach.

I'm still waiting for my ADSL hookup at home (more on the drama with TOT when I have more time to write); I have VERY SLOW dialup service but it's barely useable.  What little computer time I can actually get is at school but most days the computers are all in use during my free time.  Hopefully (knock on wood), the end of my online doldrums is in sight.

I have A LOT to write about when I have time (maybe Sunday; I'll be in Burma on Saturday).  Unfortunately, my camera came up missing after my wife's birthday party so I'll have to buy a new one at some point to continue taking photos (can't exactly afford that right now).