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Occasionally, my referral tracker yields some rather interesting results. At a time that I should be catching up on other more important things (like trying to see if any of the 800 e-mails in my Inbox are worth reading, let alone answering), I clicked on the link that tells me which Google results steered a few lost souls to my corner of the blogosphere.

One search engine result was the non-word "Burque", which is local slang for "Albuquerque." Curious to see how often this diminutive is actually used on the Web, I checked the list of other results. That led me to discover the domain address of Hmmm, sounds familiar. The address is actually a mirror blog to Quirky (the sidebar of which lists a ton of other local bloggers). Looks like an interesting blog, but the author wrote on April 18 that that was the last post, that they were joining the cast of bloggers at Duke City Fix ("a website about life in Albuquerque from a variety of independent voices").

Cool! I never really thought to seek out what others are blogging about this town. Just a brief glance tonight tells me that I'll be spending some free time looking at these two blogs tomorrow (while keeping an eye on the workers in my home). I may even get some ideas for future posts of my own (inspiration from local media doesn't come that often anymore) — although I have several backlogged topics I'll probably post this weekend (such as the overflowing banks of our rivers from the snowmelt after suffering through a drought the past ten years or so).