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I was laying in bed (upset stomach this morning) a short while ago when I heard my air conditioner come on. I NEVER run the ac as it never gets that hot in my home — the surrounding buildings and giant cherry tree sheild it from the heat. In fact, the only time I remember turning it on at all last year was when Bryan and Melissa stayed here in September.

Yet, the workers in my apartment today seemingly are too hot at 9:00 in the morning so feel compelled to crank up my air with the sliding glass door to the patio and the front door both wide open.

Not only that, but there are three sets of extension cords running out the front door, powering drills and compressors in neighboring apartments — in addition to the drills and compressors working in mine. There's no supervisor around (and none of the workers here seem to have much of a grasp of the English language, although I'm sure they understand more than I do of Spanish) so I'll have to hold this complaint until someone appears in the office. I can't wait to see the spike in my electric bill for this month, another unexpected expense I'll be stuck with.