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I've now uploaded the first nine photo albums from my Dec/Jan travels to Oregon and Thailand — complete through Christmas Eve.  But Webshots is still obviously having problems with their servers and it's very slow-going.  Often, the software can't connect to the server at all or, if it does, it will time out in the middle of an upload.  I'm sure they'll have the bugs worked out within a few more days, however.

The photo albums, as always, are in reverse chronological order (the most recent is at the top left of the page) and viewable at  I'm uploading ALL of the photos I took on this trip — the good, the bad, and the ugly — as it's easier to upload an entire folder than to check every single photo for focus, lighting, and composition.  The majority, however, are very good (in my humble opinion) and I'm happy to share them.  It's just requiring a bit more patience than usual to upload them right now — mai pen rai.