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I managed to upload a few more albums of my Thailand photos this afternoon.  Webshots is STILL experiencing server problems (which they promise will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday; they made the same promise last week, saying the problems would be solved by last Thursday or Friday...) so sometimes the photos disappear into space and I have to try again.  This is one reason that I'm not writing lengthy captions for most of the photos — it's just a drag to have to write them again if the upload doesn't work.  In a couple of cases, the photos uploaded okay but were completely mixed up on the website necessitating a lengthy reordering (I like my photos to be in chronological order at all times).

I am now ready to upload the photos I took on December 31st; I spent most of the day in the back of Lek & Silvio's Suzuki rental car being given an endless tour of southern Phuket beaches (after a while, they all began to look the same and still we stopped at every one despite my insistance that we didn't need to).  Most importantly, that night I was introduced to Tim and it was true love at first sight.  (Tim — pronounced "teem" — is merely her nickname; most Thai people go by a one-syllable nickname, often given at childbirth, and rarely give out their real name; Tim wrote down her full name for me in Thai — I keep forgetting to ask how to pronounce it as I've forgotten what she told me that week about it!)  However, I tried numerous times just now and the server "could not be contacted" (and the software told me my LAN/modem wasn't connected when it certainly was); I'll try again a bit later as I really want to share those first photos of Tim and I...