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I arrived home safely about an hour ago.  Having spent last night (from 9:35pm to 6:15am this morning) wandering around Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport looking for a quiet comfortable spot to sleep (impossible — construction workers hammered & welded away all that time), I'm now extremely exhausted.

I think I'll spend today taking a LONG nap and just doing some other relaxing things like unpacking.  I already waded through the 400 or so e-mails, tossing out the junk and keeping the stuff I want to read (leaving just over 50); I'll write any necessary responses tonight or tomorrow.

Then, I plan to begin uploading photos from the trip.  I completely filled a 1GB Memory Card Pro — a total of 354 photos (the majority are at 7.2 megapixels, with a few fives here and there plus about 2 minutes of video with sound).   I'll do the various Marillion events first, since there are MANY fans waiting to see these.   (For example, I gave out my card to a number of people I met at the shows; I think several decided not to take photos since I was in a good position and had a decent camera — my pics will be posted at Webshots.)  The tourist-oriented photos will follow.

I anticipate the photo uploads to take quite some time.  Only after I finish those will I begin blogging with the trip accounts, later this week.  Again, I will write about the Marillion-related experiences (and there are many) first and the non-music activities second.

At any rate, I had a wonderful trip — full of interesting and unexpected adventures.  My only regret is that I had to return home already!