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On rare occasions when I'm bored, I click over to check out some of my blog's tracking statistics (actually, I'm bored quite often, but I rarely check the statistics is what I meant).  Every once in a while, I discover an interesting blog or website by following the links to referral sites (but that hasn't happened in a very long time).

But the statistic I do find consistently interesting — perhaps because I enjoy traveling — is the list of countries where visitors to my blog are located.  Since I installed the tracker nearly six months ago, I've had unique visitors from 32 different countries (plus one "Unknown" which I think was either from an airplane or a secret government computer) on six of the seven continents (all but Antarctica).

Here's the complete list, for those who are also bored this morning:

United States (874)
Norway (32)
Canada (22)
United Kingdom (15)
Italy (5)
Fance (5)
Philippines (5)
Malaysia (4)
Mexico (4)
Australia (4)
Singapore (4)
Germany (3)
Spain (3)
Belgium (3)
Bahrain (2)
Israel (2)
Sweden (2)
Argentina (2)
Slovakia (2)
Chile (2)
Mauritius (1)
Unknown (1)
Venezuela (1)
Hong Kong (1)
Bulgaria (1)
Japan (1)
Ireland (1)
Iran (1)
Netherlands (1)
South Africa (1)
New Zealand (1)
Nigeria (1)
Brazil (1)
What?  No Iraq?