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Perhaps I'm just getting loopy from wading through the mountain of pre-volunteer research I've been reading about Nepal recently.  Among this material is a large packet I received from the CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center in Khatmandu which covers the recommended immunizations and includes a lengthy paper about traveler's diarrhea.  I found the following passage increasingly hilarious:

There is no absolute definition of what constitutes diarrhea, but various definitions are utilized for the purpose of research, such as "3 or more unformed stools within 24 hours."  Funk and Wagnell's dictionary defines diarrhea as "morbidly frequent and fluid evacuation of the bowel," which has a more poetic ring to it.  The word diarrhea is derived from the Greek and means "to flow through."
Upon reading this, I happened to glance over to my coffee table where a travelogue entitled Himalayan Passage happened to be sitting.  I laughed so hard that I thought I was about to have a "morbid evacuation" right then and there!  Guess you had to be there...