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The New Mexico State Fair begins tomorrow morning here in Albuquerque at 8:00am.  Admission prices are $5 for adults, $3 for children under 12, and parking is $7 (there's also a Park-and-Ride for $1 each way, doesn't include admission — I used that one year but would rather have the freedom of having my own car there).  I'll definitely be attending sometime this weekend (perhaps tomorrow if I feel like it — I've been ill the last day or so).  I'm not really interested in any of the scheduled evening concerts (an example of the variety:  one night, LeAnn Rimes performs, the next night we've got Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick), so I probably won't attend any of the shows.  I just want to walk around, sampling the wide variety of foods, and looking for interesting photo opportunities.  The Fair runs through September 25th.