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I spent much of the long weekend uploading my digital photos, making better-than-expected progress.  I'm working in reverse chronological order (so the most recent photos will always be in the first album of the index page) and have already completed 2005 and 2004.  Of course, since I spent much of 2003 traveling (and it was also the first year I had my digital camera) there are considerably more photos from that year than any other.

My current modus operandi is to upload virtually every photo I've taken into individual albums by date taken.  I have been weeding out a few of the bad shots and duplicates, but I don't plan on drastically editing these until all are uploaded.  Only then will I delete certain pictures and move others around to better tell a story.  And nobody wants to look at twenty different photos from within Beijing's Forbidden City which, while being of different pavilions, all begin to look the same after you've seen one or two.  I've also been adding captions here and there, but the bulk of that work will also been done when I've finished uploading all of these photos.

If I get really motivated, I may even finish the main work by the end of this week (I only have to go to early April 2003 — my first photos with the new camera were taken at the open house for the newly-built Isotopes Stadium).

Future plans include digitizing my earlier print photos and continuing with the bulk of my travel souvenirs and various other memorabilia.  I still need to check to see if I can hotlink to the photos in the account, which will be useful for putting more photos on my main site (I still have plans to complete various trip journals, etc. but that's far in the future I fear).

The link to these photo albums has been sent out to a few friends and family members as an early work-in-progress preview.  I'm interested in hearing/reading your comments (and the site has a function where you can leave comments about individual photos if you'd like).  I believe I'm entering into a new phase of my photography, one where I'm more interested in artistic composition rather than merely taking snapshots (some of the photos of San Francisco de Asis Church in Ranchos de Taos last month are a good example of this).  I want to perfect my photographer's eye before I journey to Nepal in a few months (and I'm now thinking of adding a brief visit to Tibet following my volunteer work).  Your comments on individual photos — what you like and what you don't — could prove useful to me and result in some very interesting pictures in the future.