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I don't drive much these days — I live next door to a nice shopping area — so I don't notice the gas prices on a day-to-day basis like so many others.  I do know when I filled my tank in late July it cost a little over $18 and in early September the same gas at the same station was just under $35.  New Mexico doesn't (yet) have an anti-price gouging law so prices rose to astronomical levels shortly after reports of gas shortages in late August.

So, I was pleased to learn today that the closest gas station to my home (about a mile and a half away — I often wish there was one closer) had dropped it's price for a gallon of regular to below $3.00 for the first time in weeks.  And I did notice a couple of days ago that the prices at the Sandia Indian Reservation station was about $2.85 (they tend to have the lowest prices in the area).  It's a definite move in the right direction.  Sure beats the $4.50 per gallon I saw during the week after Hurricane Katrina.  Hopefully, this means that our heating gas prices won't be too high this winter as well.