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Since I'll be moving away from Albuquerque in late May or early June, it probably isn't too early to begin thinking of a new title for this blog.  (I was never too happy with 'Burque Blog in the first place, and even found out a few months ago that there was another local blog that also went by the same name).  If I end up living in the hilly sections west of downtown Portland, I suppose I can adjust the subtitle to "The View From The Northwest Heights."

I've never been very good at titles.  It's rare that I come up with anything approaching "clever" (back when I used to write mysteries, I used to labor on the title more than the short story).  This is going to take A LOT of thought, I fear.

I'll probably keep the same URL, however.  I don't know how difficult it would be to migrate the entire blog to a new address.  I could always start a brand new blog under the new name and just link to the archives.  But I'm quite happy with the existing's simple but (I think) elegant.  Much easier to read than the first version of the blog with that "parchment" style.

Yet another task to occupy my mind....