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I can't remember the last time I had to write anything on a deadline.  It may have been in college, or it may have been for work-related reports (making weekly schedules doesn't really count).

But I had a writing assignment this week that had an October 31st deadline:  I'd been asked to write a review of the Portland and Seattle Los Trios Marillos shows to accompany some of my photos in the official magazine of Marillion.  My usual modus operandi for any writing I had to do in school was to wait until the last possible moment to begin writing, usually without a formal outline.  (For assignments that required an outline, I'd usually "cheat" by creating it after I'd written the piece.).

At least this time, I composed much of it in the shower (I often do my best writing while standing in the shower thinking) and wrote out notes after toweling off.  I spent Thursday and Friday converting those notes to a long-hand written form and I just finished typing it into a Word document and e-mailing it over to Buckinghamshire.  It's probably too long (I've never been good at editing my own words), but hopefully Anne can prune it down so they can use it.  I'm just happy I met the deadline with a full day to spare.

While I'm on the subject, several of my photos I took at the Seattle concert will also be published in the magazine of Marillion's French fan club.  They'll accompany an article Jason Hart wrote about the tour.

Marillion has been so good to me lately, it's still somewhat amazing to me.