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Since I got my Blackberry, I rarely check the messages on my landline phone; the answering machine hasn't worked very well ever since DSL was added to my line (yes, I have the proper filters in place) — one has to practically scream into the phone for the machine to even pick up any sounds at all.  Besides, the only calls I usually get on that phone are from politicians wanting my vote.

So, I was very disappointed to find a (very faint) message from Dad on the machine just a little while ago.  I had to play it back four or five times at "full volume" just to make out about half of the call.  He called from Bangkok on Tuesday morning (if the date/time stamp is correct, which I doubt).  Most of the message was difficult to hear but I heard something about he had found a job for me.  Can't wait until he returns (or calls back) to find out what that was all about.

I don't have his itinerary, but he and Lyn were going to be touring Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam until early November.