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I have several different blogs that I like to read from time to time.  One of these is Forty Two: Pat's Piffle, written by Pat Tomek who has been a drummer in the Kansas City area for many years (playing with many different groups including The 4-Sknns and The Rainmakers with Bob Walkenhorst).  Getting caught up on his posts of the past month this afternoon, I found an entry about one-word searches of his iTunes library and the results this produced.

For example, he entered the keyword "seven" and got back seven songs.  Evidently, he has a larger library than I do because when I tried entering many one-word searches, I got very few results.  Taking a cue from Pat's number theme, I did get an interesting playlist using the word "one":

One Way Out / The Allman Brothers Band
One I Love / Coldplay
Square One / Coldplay
When You're Gone / The Cranberries
My Loneliness / Los Lonely Boys
You're Gone / Marillion
One Vision / Queen
Stone Cold Crazy / Queen
Another One Bites The Dust / Queen
Money / Pink Floyd
Go ahead, give it a try...

I also recently found a site,, which acts as a community among music fans.  What I thought was cool was that you can download a bit of software that shows what you're currently listening to on your computer (in Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player) or iPod.  This has several different uses such as communicating with others who have similar musical tastes, compiling playlists for personalized online radio stations, and receiving suggestions for other music that you might enjoy.  I just think it's a nice addition for my blog's sidebar (that space on the right side of this page which lists what I'm reading and the CD's and movies I've recently played).  Not Earth-shattering, I know, but finding things like this takes the boredom out of some of my Web-surfing...