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Tim and I decided to go to a movie last night while shopping at Central Festival.  They have a six-theatre "First Class" complex on the fourth floor of the mall which is very nice.  When you tell the cashier which movie you want to see, a floor plan of the theatre comes up on the screen and you select your seats.  Tickets are 120 baht per person (approx. USD $3.15).  The theatre itself is similar to the nicer ones in America with plush reclining seats, fold-up armrest with drink holders, and wide aisles.  There are the usual previews before the movie and numerous advertisements but just prior to the start of the movie the National Anthem plays and images of the King fill the screen.  You are required to stand for this.

Tim chose to see "Noo-Hin: The Movie", a Thai production based on a long-running comic book detailing the misadventures of a pre-teen girl from Udon province in the big city of Bangkok.  It was actually very enjoyable — the excellent English subtitles certainly helped — and well-produced (I've seen a lot of really poorly-made Thai movies).  I had a good time and laughed almost as much as Tim did (knowing a bit about Thai culture and life certainly helped).

I look forward to going to the movies again very soon (it was Tim's first time at the theatre for more than 10 years and I usually average one or two trips per year).