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After a month of build-up, today marks the 60th anniversary of the ascession of King Rama IX and the (possible) culmination of the nationwide celebrations.  We watched some of the ceremony last night with the monks at the Royal Grand Palace which I found oddly moving although I couldn't understand any of the chanting or speeches.  I know there is plenty going on today and we'll probably be glued to the television for much of it (I'm really looking forward to the dragon boat procession on Monday).

Leaders of many countries will be in Bangkok for much of the weekend (and several, including the King and Queen of Sweden and the Emir of Qatar, will be making royal visits to Phuket next week) although I'm sure President Bush of the U.S. won't be coming (haven't seen ANYTHING in the papers or on the news to indicate that my country is sending anyone at all).

For me, this also means no more chance of finding mail in our postbox until next Tuesday as the post office will be closed during this time (but all I get are the occasional bill so far — no mail from home has yet arrived and for a person who used to "live for the mail" this has been somewhat disappointing).  I also get to wear my fancy yellow shirt today (as EVERYONE else in the country will no doubt also be wearing).

I think it's all even grander than being in London during Queen Elizabeth's jubilee three years ago...