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Last night, I put our new barbecue grill to good use by grilling a nice steak.  I found a good-looking cut of Thai-French beef (a bottom round) at Tops Market in Central Festival, purchased some imported steak seasonings to make a rub (as well as a bottle of Heinz 57 steak sauce which wasn't needed in the end).  I was very pleased with the result — no need to pay upwards of 1,500 baht (USD $39.13) per kilo for American beef when I can purchase this Thai-French beef (probably water buffalo) for less than 100 baht/kg (USD $2.61).  Tim even thought the steak tasted very good, although medium-well proved a little too pink for her tastes and she concentrated on the brahtwurst I grilled as a backup.  I certainly liked this meal much better than the ubiquitous fried pork or chicken that has been so much a part of my diet here.