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The following article is pretty sobering, particularly since you consider many accidents (such as mine last week) go unreported:

92 killed in road crashes in 5 months

PHUKET: In the first five months of this year there were 6,076 accidents on the roads in Phuket, with 92 deaths. The vast majority of accidents involved motorcycles.

Official figures from Vachira Phuket, Thalang and Patong government hospitals show that, from January to the end of May, there were 287 car accidents, 5,541 motorcycle accidents and 248 other incidents, including accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians.

Of the fatalities, 83 cases involved motorcycles, seven people were killed in car accidents and two people were killed in other incidents.

February was the worst month, with 1,369 accidents and 24 fatalities reported.

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