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As I write this, I'm waiting at Marilyn's house for Dad to pick me up.  We're going on a drive out to Lake Perry today (which generally kills three hours or so).

My flight to Kansas City yesterday was fairly uneventful, although arrived somewhat late.  After our full flight had boarded, they decided to hold our plane for 25 transfers from an inbound from Phoenix — a basketball team on their way to the NCAA tournaments.  More delays were incurred as the flight attendants tried to find other passengers who would give up their seats for the team players.  When we finally arrived at MCI, it took time to dig out our suitcases from under those of the basketball team.  My large duffel bag was one of the first to emerge from the baggage claim carousel (it was exactly 70 pounds heavy and incurred a $25 overweight charge from Southwest).

Dad picked me up and we made a quick stop at McBride's Irish Pub (near the Kansas International Raceway) for a beer.  I told Dad about the engagement ring I'd bought Tim (with help from Keith) over the weekend.  I'd planned to keep it a secret from everybody until I popped the question on Tim's birthday (not wanting to jinx it) but later made the "big announcement" during desert at Dad & Lyn's home.  Dinner was a very good chile (made by Lyn) with cornbread and salad.  In total (including the one at McBride's), I drank about four glasses of Boulevard Pale Ale (a local KC brewpub) and half a glass of Riesling.  When we got to Marilyn & Keith's house, we watched the latest episode of "The Amazing Race" but I fell asleep before the end; I'll have to rewatch it tonight or tomorrow.

Once I went upstairs to my room, I called Tim and talked with her for 30 minutes or so before falling back asleep.  I called her again this morning for another 40-minute talk.  She's really getting excited with just one week until we're together again.  She also wrote me an e-mail yesterday (which I read this morning) saying how she wanted us to be alone on her birthday — she wants to go to the temple to make a donation in the morning and then to Bangla Road in Patong in the afternoon to "have party".  When I called her this morning, I told her I'd like to go to the beach to watch the sunset and give her a present on the beach (this is when I plan to propose).

Tonight, Bryan and Melissa are taking me to The RecordBar to see Bob Walkenhorst of The Rainmakers perform.  I'd rather just hang out with Bryan and get caught up but we'll do some of that on Saturday (perhaps tomorrow he can go with Dad, Lyn, and I to eat lunch at Arthur Bryant's BBQ).