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The other day I was talking to my sister and somehow the subject of our high school class reunions came up; I was bemoaning the fact that I never hear about mine until after the fact and that my class (1984) seemed to have difficulty communicating among the alumni.  She told me that her class (1985) was registered with a great website portal called that made it easy for class members to get information about upcoming events.  I checked it out and was impressed; once alumni are listed, they can update their profiles with news about their lives and contact information.  There's plenty of other features as well.

As expected, the class of '84 section was severely lacking.  By comparison, the class of '85 site for our high school has almost 500 class members on file and has had almost 27,000 hits since being set up three years ago.  There's also an active administrator who updates the site.  The class of '84 section only has 23 members listed (our graduating class was around 500 as well) with 887 hits since 2003.  There was no class administrator and it hadn't been updated in quite some time.  This just would not do.

Although I haven't exactly been active in alumni activities since graduation, I do still have a certain amount of pride for the school.  One of the highlights when I attended was that President Ronald Reagan came there to speak (I was in the U.S. Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps — NROTC — at the time and vividly remember that the Secret Service locked-down and guarded our store room during the speech, despite the fact that the drill rifles were non-firing).  I felt that someone should step up and work to update our class site; since I do like working on tedious computer tasks I decided to volunteer to act as the class administrator.  My application was accepted so now I have some work to do, the most labor-intensive of which at first will be to scan our graduation photos into my computer and upload them to the site.  For that, I'll need to dig my yearbook out of storage.  I'll at least get started on this before I go to Thailand.  We have three years until the 25th class reunion so that's my goal to getting our site to look at least as nice as 1985's.  It will also be a nice way to restore contact with those few friends I did have in high school; I finally have something interesting to share with these people!