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I will certainly be happy to get out of this state with its wild temperature fluctuations.  I'm tired of not knowing from one day to another how I should dress just to go outside.  A couple of days ago, it was sunny without a cloud in the sky and temperatures in the mid-70's.  Yesterday and last night I was absolutely freezing and when I opened the door to carry the first box of the day to my car this morning I was surprised to see around an inch or so of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky!

With it being warm one day and cold the next, I've developed a nasty cough and the dryness in the air is playing havoc with the soles of my feet (cold weather at this altitude makes them chapped and brittle).  The past couple of years have been especially bad with this type of strange weather.

Oh, how I long to be in Phuket where at least you know the temperature will be in the 80's on virtually every day of the year, even during the rainy season when it's considered "cooler".  I much prefer the heat to the cold.  Just 24 days more to go...