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This morning, I've made a few minor cosmetic changes to this blog.  I've switched to the new name (and masthead), as well as changing the URL address — please adjust your bookmarks...  I'm still not happy with the subtitle but that's easy to change when I think of something better.

I also found out that I can adjust the settings so that the dates I post entries can be written in Thai script (and the years will be according to the Thai calendar; this is the year 2549, by the way).  Perhaps I'll change that setting once I actually arrive on Phuket in just over one month.  I'll need to change the time zone anyway.

I had thought about changing the template as well, but that would involve a lot of pixel measurements and other trial-and-error changes that I really don't have the time to undertake right now.  Besides, I quite like the basic blue background and the font size is "just right" (at least on my computers).

I hope you enjoy the direction this blog is about to undertake.  I look forward to writing about my experiences adjusting to life in a new country and dealing with a culture so different from what I'm used to.  I got a little taste in my previous visit but actually living in Thailand will generate some unique situations.