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Keith arrived safely in Albuquerque last night.  I'd spent much of the day yesterday moving more boxes into storage and carting trash (there's a lot of it!) to the dumpster.  After picking him up at the airport, I was starving from not eating all day so we stopped for a late dinner at JB's.

I fell asleep around midnight (after calling Tim first — she's excited that there's only 12 days left before we're together) and woke up this morning at 4:30.  I've already hauled several loads to the dumpster and will continue to do so until I wake Keith.  We pick up our moving van (a U-Haul 14-footer) at 7:30 and will be busy most of the day packing it with my furniture and other large items to haul over to the storage unit.

It's going to be a very long day but I'll be glad to empty out this apartment.  If we get enough accomplished today, we can enjoy tomorrow and perhaps do some siteseeing in Old Town (and I really want to buy a nice ring for Tim while we're at it).