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With each load I take to my storage unit, I feel like I'm at last making some progress on the formidable task of emptying this apartment of my possessions.  I can easily fit twelve bankers' boxes in my car (well, thirteen; not that I'm particularly superstitious but why tempt fate?) and I've made one early morning trip each of the past several days.  Yesterday, I even drove my car inside of the unit just to check how much room I'd still have available (looks to be more than enough).  Most of my belongings fit very nicely into this size of box (approx. 9"x12"x16") including books, CD's & DVD's, clothes, etc.  Soon, however, I'll need to buy some larger boxes for computer and electronic equipment, my larger artwork and other odds and ends.

While I'm busy cleaning out my home in Albuquerque, Tim has been busy looking for our new home on Phuket.  She and Jum have spent the past two days looking at houses and apartments in and around the village of Kathu in the center of the island.  It sounds like they've found some likely prospects and were planning to send me an e-mail with photos and details of their favorites.  Of course, no decision will be made until I arrive and have a chance to check them out for myself.  Tim is very happy to be contributing in such a way.

Yesterday, I felt I had made sufficient progress so I took a break from sorting, packing, and cleaning to work on some other projects such as remixing some audio recordings, burning a few more of the hundred or so CD's my friend Bryan has requested before I leave, and adding some more entries to my massive CD inventory project (over 4300 discs so far and I'm only in the middle of the S's).  I may try to do some reading today; there are several books I'd like to finish before I leave (I plan to send some of those I'd like to read in the near future to my sister so she can ship them to me in Thailand once I have a mailing address — my luggage is already too full).  This morning I'm going to watch a DVD of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride before I take another load to the storage unit and buy more boxes.