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I don't really shoot a lot of video footage anymore, at least not with my camcorder.  If I do shoot any video, it's usually of the 10-second- to a minute-long clip variety filmed with the video function of my digital camera.  The results are usually less than spectacular but they offer interesting glimpses into my day-to-day life, something more than a mere still snapshot can offer.  Although I do share them with my wife and, occasionally, with friends the clips just sit on my hard drive waiting for me to do something with them.  The resolution isn't the greatest (it's a 7.2 megapixel camera but the video is something less than that) so making a DVD of the clips isn't the best option.

Enter YouTube.  I discovered this video-sharing site just about a month ago (yeah, I know, I'm somewhat behind the times on this one!).  I've decided to use YouTube to embed a few videos on this blog from time to time.  Again, I stress the quality isn't the greatest (I don't shoot these to win any awards) but they might offer a bit more insight into things we see and do in Thailand.  I hope so, anyway.

This first clip is some footage of traditional Thai dancing, shot at the Phuket Carnival on Patong's Beach Road, November 3rd.  (Make sure you have a fast Internet connection before trying to view...)

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Greetings! It's Tom from World Endeavors. I wanted to let you know that while our volunteer programs in Nepal were suspended this year due to the Maoist conflict, they will be reopening in 2007. We are all excited about this because Nepal is one of our best programs. If you have any questions, please contact me at or visit our website Happy travels!