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I am always amazed by the range of airfares to fly from Phuket to Bangkok.  I just checked one-way flights for next Sunday (January 14th).  At the high end was the national carrier, THAI Airways, with a total of 7060 baht (2 passengers @ 3025 baht, plus 1010 baht in taxes and fees).  Next up was my favorite boutique airline — Bangkok Air — with 6,740 baht (2 passengers @ 2750 baht plus 970 baht in taxes and fees).  One-Two-Go wanted a total of 4,400 baht while Nok Air came up with a total of 3,700 baht (2 passengers @ 1,182.24 baht, plus fees).  The "winner" was Air Asia — 2,672.86 baht, or USD $74.66 (2 passengers @ 699 baht, plus 1,274.86 in taxes and fees).  However, they declined my card so either I'll book with Nok Air or travel into Patong to find a travel agent who deals with Air Asia...