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I've never given much credence to astrology but I do check my horoscope from time to time.  More often than not, it seems to me to be a bunch of generic nonsense but I was struck by several items in this week's Phuket Gazette "In the Stars" column:

Going out with Aries this weekend allows you to see the lighter side of life.  Many of you have become bogged down in work worries, but these should ease after the middle of the month.  Fun times lie ahead after that.  You start to consider relocation, however a golden opportunity to better yourself without having to move is about to be presented.  Tread water until this happens.  The number 9 can bring luck on Sunday.
First of all my wife is an Aries, having been born in mid-April.  We have had a lot of fun this weekend and we're preparing to fly up to Bangkok tonight to attend an Eric Clapton concert.  We talked a few days ago about the possibility of my taking a teaching position in Trang or Chonburi due to the reluctance of Phuket schools to jump through the new MOE hoops (our province, along with Bangkok, are test markets for the new hiring procedures).  It would be nice if there was a "golden opportunity" here (a resort, perhaps?) but I won't hold my breath.  Finally, our son's Thai nickname is the word for the number 9 — today is Sunday and he's staying with a friend so I could consider it good luck in that we've had some well-deserved peace and quiet around here this afternoon...