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Originally posted on January 18, 2007 at 19:21
After a brief stop back home to pick up Nadia (she's having roommate problems), allowing time for Tim and Alexander to eat (again), we heading into Patong.  Jungceylon was featuring a "personal appearance" by several of the popular Ultraman characters.  I'm somewhat amused at how much the Thai children seem to adore this 40-year-old cheesy Japanese television series but someone sure is making money on the merchandising here!

Nadia reads a story to Alexander while we wait for Tim to prepare (another) meal...

Alexander then demonstrated some of his Ultraman poses to his bemused papa...

The first time I'd seen him struck speechless (this kid talks more than any American politician!) was when he came face-to-face with Ultraman himself!

Tim and Alexander happily posed with Ultraman, although it did take a couple of shots to get the little guy to actually look at the camera.

Nadia also finds the entire Ultraman craze a bit silly, but...

We didn't want her to feel left out so we sprung another 100 baht so she could get her photo taken with Alexander and one of Ultraman's pals.

Alexander has discovered the camera on Tim's cellular phone and happily snaps away at anything and everything, rapidly filling her phone's memory.  I somehow think that eventually he'll start crying for me to buy him a real camera.

The little guy insisted on Tim buying him a large soda with an Ultraman topper and then promptly dropped it in the lagoon.  Ultraman himself couldn't stop the screams...

I got rather excited when we (finally) began moving towards the parking lot (3 hours with Ultraman is a bit too much) but it wasn't to be...

Of course, yet another meal was involved (the third actual meal of the day which also included several snacks) but at least this one was simply rice with chicken.  Tim actually trusted me to watch Alexander alone at this time so she could take Nadia to work.  We picked up the "pro" photos they took of Alexander, Tim, Nadia, and Ultraman and then headed for home.  It had been a VERY long day.