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Today was the annual celebration of Children's Day in Thailand.  Everywhere, there were kid-oriented fairs, open houses, and activities galore.  Our little family made the most of it by checking out the Phuket Aquarium on Laem Panwa, visiting the Royal Thai Navy and Army displays at the port in Ao Makham, and attending a meet-and-greet with several characters from the popular Ultraman series over in Patong.  I shot an above-average number of photos (over 300), as well as a considerable amount of video.  Posting selections here will probably have to wait until mid-week as I'm exhausted tonight and still have to pack (we're leaving for Bangkok tomorrow).

I have to say that all involved had a great time — our son was (mostly) well-behaved with only one small temper trantrum when I refused to buy him any more toys (we'd already purchased way above what I thought prudent...).

And, I'm looking forward to a well-deserved good night's sleep — we dropped off Gaow/Alexander at Jum's home a day early...