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TDKWhile the DVD Double Layer media prices remain sky high and whether we want it or not, the next generation of optical recording is coming our way. Traditional recording media provider TDK -- at the bleeding edge of recording technology -- released it's Blu-ray disc TDK Professional Disc (PD-RE23CN) today.

From the press release:

...The TDK Professional Disc, which uses a blue-violet laser with a short wavelength for recording and playback, boasts a capacity of 23.3GB – approximately five times that of DVD media – as well as a rapid transfer rate of 72Mbps. Thanks to its random data access capability and other features available only from optical disc media, it can be expected to find growing acceptance in broadcasting applications.
Due to the high-density recording required by the Professional Disc System, adherence of any dust on, or scratches to the disc surface can have a serious impact on recording and playback accuracy. By utilizing TDK’s DURABIS PRO, a hard coating technology developed for professional-use discs, TDK’s Professional Disc offers extremely high durability and recording reliability.
By use of a blue-violet laser with an extremely short 405nm wavelength, a large recording capacity of 23.3GB – about five times that of a DVD disc – is realized on a disc of the same size. In addition, high-sensitivity phase change materials and an optimized layer structure allows for a high-speed transfer rate of 72Mbps (144Mbps with two optical heads) with stabilized recording and playback.
And I just bought a dual-layer burner...instantly out-of-date.