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As I prepare my home for some imminent major construction (the replacement of all of the PVC water pipes), I've been wracking my brain for something to blog about. I haven't been inspired to write about much of anything all week. It's very telling when I look at my blog and see that the last several posts were the kind of inane quizzes that one relies on when one can't come up with something more significant to write.

I really try to avoid what I call the "Seinfeld" posts: those that are about absolutely nothing. The ramblings were a part of my earlier blog and, while easy to write, don't make for interesting reading.

It's not as if I don't have much to write about.

There has been a lot of interesting events lately in my home of Albuquerque, New Mexico; I've even attended some of them. I've written quite a bit about our ongoing Tricentennial celebrations and some of the city's history. I will continue to make those types of posts when the time is right.

And I've been attending a few concerts lately. I've already reviewed U2's show in Phoenix (and just finished a page on my personal site about the concert, complete with over 100 photos; check it out at and plan do so so for Tuesday night's Wilco concert and last nights Sarah McLachlan gig -- as soon as I find the inspiration to do those shows justice. With upcoming concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Los Lonely Boys, and The Allman Brothers Band in the next couple of weeks, I should have plenty of blogging material.

Or, I could blog status reports about my dealing with a stream of workers knocking holes in my walls while I try to edit music or video on the computer. I'm dreading the entire process (it's already been stressful rearranging furniture, particularly the huge oak bookcases, so access can be gained to the walls they need to get to; it's going to get mighty noisy and dusty when the actual work begins).

I've been perusing my favorite news and technology websites, not to mention numerous blogs, trying to find inspiration as well. While I've found some interesting stories -- such as the German hacker who managed to erase his own hard drive instead because he didn't recognize his own IP address, or my fears about the world's largest passenger plane (what if it crashes at full capacity?), I haven't felt the muse to blog about them properly.

My usual "backup" during times such as this is to watch our local news reports; the "only in New Mexico" aspect can make for some humerous topics. But, aside from the recently-divorced wife of current Albuquerque mayor Martin Chavez possibly running against him in the next election, nothing blog-worthy has appeared lately. I suppose I could update a few of my past posts about the odd weather we're continuing to experience (including more snow several days ago) and how the water levels in the Rio Grande or Elephant Butte Lake are at their highest in many years. But that would involve a bit of research to find out how many years; my recent laziness is starting to rear it's ugly little head.

The odd thing is, although inspiration to write about all these subjects still hasn't arrived, I find I just wrote about them so there's no need to wait for the muse.

Now, what to blog about next?