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It's really frustrating when,  after writing a lengthy and brilliant post  (particularly when you've spent the time creating hyperlinks to other sites within it),  only to have it disappear when you hit the "submit" or "publish" button.  That happened to me several times on a certain message board powered by ezboard before I changed to the Firefox browser.  And it's happened occasionally here on Blogger.

Usually,  I'm too angry to try to rewrite the post  (sometimes I'll try and those typically take on a different slant than the original).

I just discovered that Blogger now has a recover post feature.  The site saves your post to a cookie in your browser as you type.  If something bad happens,  just click the "recover post" link once you get back to the "Create" page and bam!  Your lost post is magically recovered.

Nice!  (Now,  if only they could do something about my rambling on too long in a post...)